TEAM FUNDRAISER Christiana Sofolabo and 2 others are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Esther Oluremi Abe.
Created September 29, 2020

Justice 4 Blessing!!  Our Beautiful Gorgeous Talented Independent Queen Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun was found dead at Glyne Gap Beach in Bexhill-on- Sea on Friday 18th of September at 07:30 am.  Blessing was at Bexhill-on-Sea working on placement work as a Live-in caregiver for the elderly who suffer from dementia and other mental and physical health issues for 1 week.  Blessings last conversations was around 00.30am, she sent text messages with her boyfriend and her close family friend. “Asking to stay on the phone to her as she goes for a walk” Which did not occur. As she sent a text saying “nevermind” Her last message to her family friend was at about 01:25 am on the 18th September. That very morning, blessing close family friend was alerted that Our Blessing had gone missing (NOK) meaning she didn’t get back to the patients home. We was informed by the police officer at Sussex police station that they found Blessing iPhone, slippers a couple meters away from her body.  Her death was rudely reported to her mother at her house at about 2:30pm on the same date. The care agency she worked with was not Forth coming with any useful explanation. This case has been very mysterious from the start, we have been informed by the Corona stating that “Blessing autopsy results came out as Inconclusive. The corona was unable to determine the precise cause of death and that the burial for Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun should take place immediately”  Hence why we need to arrange a befitting burial for our dear daughter and friend, Blessing  The reason why we making a gofundme campaign is to raise enough funds to arrange the best burial for Our Blessing We also want the World to come together to help us find out what happened to Our Blessing, we want to find out how she died. We feel the Sussex police are not doing enough to investigate Blessing murder at all, they have not found any evidence on her or at the crime scene of what happened to our dear Blessing.  Please let’s all come together and change the system, we want to help raise awareness for CCTV cameras to be made available at the Beach and in every local areas, so investigation can be done properly. We are planning a March to Parliament. Let’s make Noise!! We can’t allow our beautiful black African women to die in vain.  We would like to thank everyone in advance, for helping us fund this campaign. As you can tell Blessing means soo so much to US, her friends and family who loves Blessing. Her name is blessing for a reason she shined so much light into all our lives, she was the most kindest, loyal, beautiful, amazing, god-fearing, enigmatic young woman we ever had a pleasure to be around. She cared for us a lot. We love you Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun. We love you so much!!! Our Angel ️  Rest in perfect Angelic Peace

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TODAYby Esther Oluremi Abe, Beneficiary

Dear friends,

This note is principally dedicated to express profound gratitude to our relations, friends and sympathizers the world over whose prayers and activities have kept us strong since the untimely death of our beloved Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun on Sept. 18 ,2020 .

Our beloved daughter’s death and the excruciating pains it has inflicted on us have taught us the lesson that ,if we treat the dead as if they were wholly dead it shows want of affection ; if we treat them as wholly alive it shows want of sense . Our wonderful Blessing is stronger even after death .

A heap of thanks to great individuals and corporate bodies who have contributed immensely to the ‘GoFundMe’ page of Blessing.

The world of kindness will not forget those who have given us encouragement and benefits of sympathy by providing needed materials for us .

The various reports at our disposal only adduce reasons we should remain relentless in our ultimate aim of seeking justice for our beloved Blessing.

The State Post Mortem report from Coroner revealed drowning, providing no answer to what manner of drowning and the circumstances that besieged such for a lady with a normal state of mental and emotional alertness!

The Police has only done her job perfunctorily in this case having failed to do finger prints, forensic analysis on her and her belongings found metres closer to her on the beach!
Up till now ,no forensic has been conducted on her to unravel the mystery of the death.
We were shown CCTV footage of her working and as a mother, I believed something is not right with the way she worked on the footages shown.
The door of the house was left opened and the Police failed to determine what could have happened for the door to be left open when in actual fact there is a key code Blessing can use to come back in.

Investigation officer returned her phone to her mum to find a means of accessing it.

We pushed for a private mortem on her which was unjustifiably not granted. They posited to release the body to Funeral Director after which we can do whatever tests ourselves!

Although, the previous investigating officer had been changed now, we hope the police will do the right thing to continue investigating the circumstances that led to the death of our dearest Blessing.

It is, of course ,vital that I should inform you that a prayer session on the theme ,’ prayers for justice for Blessing will hold on 7th November, 2020.

Since our act of getting justice for our Blessing is an act itself ,we remain unperturbed and shall seek advice from the legal personnel on the next line of action.

Thanks for your prayers and kind support this time.
History and posterity will reward you accordingly.

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